[How to make pumpkin cocoa mousse]_Homemade pumpkin cocoa mousse

For everyone, when they are old, they will marry and have children, and then they will face several visits by relatives and friends.

Relatives and friends come home to visit, decent meals are naturally essential.

If you ca n’t do it, is it too big?

Well, now I will teach you how to make pumpkin cocoa mousse.


1 white jelly with a little water.

Pour the pumpkin paste into the pot. After boiling over low heat, pour white jelly water and stir well. After boiling again, turn off the heat and pour it into the bottom cake mold.

White jelly will slowly solidify when it gets cold at room temperature.


2 Cut the pumpkin into small pieces, cook in the microwave for 5 minutes, mix with 100g of whipped cream, and use a cooking machine to beat a pumpkin paste that is as viscous as yogurt.


Add cocoa powder to milk and mix well.

Add whipped cream to white sugar and beat with an egg beater until it is 60% foamed.

Milk and whipped cream are mixed.


Gelatine tablets are immersed in water ten minutes in advance, and heated in water to melt, then poured into light cream and mixed well.


At this time, the pumpkin bottom in the live bottom cake mold has solidified. You can pour the cream liquid into the cake mold and refrigerate it overnight. After the mousse layer has solidified, use a layer of cocoa powder on the sieve.

Although the detailed steps of pumpkin cocoa mousse have been introduced, with your different understanding, you can make innovative changes by yourself.

Believe that your innovation and change will definitely make this dish more perfect.