4 kinds of appliances with strong radiation should not be placed in the bedroom

What is electromagnetic pollution?

The electromagnetic waves generated by televisions, refrigerators, computers, and mobile phones are electromagnetic radiation.

However, electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic pollution are different. Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere. Electromagnetic pollution can cause headaches, insomnia, memory loss, decreased vision, increased or decreased blood pressure, etc.Causes abortion, cataracts and even cancer in some people.


hzh{display:none;}  研究证实:磁场会增加儿童得癌的风险,而且从2mG(毫高斯)起,风险开始加倍。In fact, you have been contaminated by radiation in a place with a magnetic field of more than 1mG for a long time, but the data measured at home far exceeds this number.

  Bedroom: “Bedside sound” Do not put the bedside bed is probably the most important thing to measure the electromagnetic field in the home.

If you sleep in a high magnetic field for a long time, you can imagine the impact of this.

It can also be known from this that the so-called “bedside sound” should not be placed on the bedside.

In principle, any electrical appliances should be kept away from your bed.

The total sleep quality of tourists is not good. In fact, it is likely that electric heaters, fans, air fresheners, air conditioners and other electrical appliances are placed near the hotel’s beds. The magnetic field of a small electric heater can reach 200mG.the above.

Microwave ovens: Microwaves hurt little boys. Some microwave ovens have extremely high magnetic fields.

Different from other home appliances, even if it is not plugged in with electricity, the magnetic field of some front keypads in series can still reach 30?
60mG, the magnetic field in use exceeds 200mG.

In addition, research shows that these leaked microwaves are particularly harmful to the male reproductive system, so young boys should avoid them.

  Refrigerator: Place the heat pipe in a high magnetic field in the kitchen, especially when the refrigerator is running, when the buzzing sound is emitted, the magnetic field released by the cooling pipe at the rear or below the refrigerator is dozens or even hundreds of times higher(Measured 1 before and after the refrigerator?
9mG, up to 300mG in the middle of the rear).

If the efficiency of the refrigerator is not high, the hum will be particularly long and loud. If you use a vacuum cleaner to suck off the dust on the heat dissipation pipe, it will increase the efficiency of the refrigerator and reduce the magnetic field in the home.

  Do n’t underestimate the small mosquito killer for non-illumination. Its magnetic field can also exceed 500mG. It should be placed in the corner.

  Many parents let their children play in front of the TV, or watch too close together. It is important to know that developing children are more disturbed by magnetic fields than adults.

  Computer: The LCD monitor emits less radiation. If your computer desk is too small, and the distance between you and the screen is too close, you may wish to point the monitor back. Of course, if you replace it with an LCD monitor, the radiation will be quite small.

Such as a computer host, it is easy for most people to ignore and is often placed on the side of the leg to facilitate the insertion of disks.

The magnetic field in front of the main unit can exceed 4mG, and the magnetic field increases toward the rear, so you can try to zoom out a little further.

People often pile wires and transformers under computer desks, and keep them away from your feet.

  Mobile phone charger: Keep the distance from it. Generally, the magnetic field of low-voltage power supply with transformer is very high. It can be measured above 300mG at the place of wiring, but it will fall below 1mG immediately after being only 30 cm away.

The mobile phone charger and portable player have a high transformer magnetic field on the socket, so keep a distance to ensure safety.

  The magnetic field is very penetrating. Do not ignore the influence of the adjacent room or upstairs and downstairs.

In particular, the pipelines of general electrical appliances are connected at the rear, so the highest index that is often measured is directly behind the electrical appliances, so it is necessary to pay attention to the location separated by a wall with high magnetic fields.

If you often sit on the sofa, you have a wall behind your head, and the tail of the next-door neighbor’s TV just faces your head, you’re in trouble.

  A position of 1 was measured on the pillow of a child’s bed.

The magnetic field strength of 6mG was finally found because the adjacent master bedroom had a TV on, and this TV was directly behind the child’s bedside; when one was placed behind the wall against which the refrigerator was resting, the magnetic field generated was 2?7mG.

So, it’s better not to have a sofa, a seat and a pillow near the wall that is separated from your neighbor, because you don’t know what will be there.

  Eating more carrots to strengthen anti-radiation capabilities Although the effects of electromagnetic radiation on people are widespread, they are not terrible.

Different people or the same person’s ability to withstand electromagnetic radiation at different ages is different. Even in an over-standard environment, it does not mean that everyone will get sick, but it is harmful to the elderly, children, pregnant women or those who have a pacemaker.Patients, for people who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and people who have been working in the environment of high dose electromagnetic radiation for a long time, should take precautionary measures.

  Do not place household appliances too centrally or use them together, especially TVs, computers, and refrigerators. Do not place them in the bedroom to avoid exposing yourself to the danger of overdose radiation.

  Avoid repeated operations on various household appliances, office equipment, mobile phones, etc.

  When the appliances are suspended, it is best not to leave them in standby mode, because a weak electromagnetic field can be generated at this time.
  For the use of various electrical appliances, a certain safety distance should be maintained.

  Patients with advanced cardiac pacemakers, as well as pregnant women, children, and the elderly with weak resistance, should be equipped with shielding protective clothing to block electromagnetic radiation.

  The mobile phone emits the most electromagnetic radiation when it is turned on. It is best to answer the call when the phone rings for one or two seconds or the phone rings twice.
  Eat more carrots, tomatoes, kelp, lean meat, animal liver and other vitamin A, C and protein foods to enhance the body’s ability to resist electromagnetic radiation.