Daily use of drugs for the season

As the saying goes: Spring is scarce.
In the autumn season, the elderly will be more uncomfortable than before, and the medication will be more than before. Therefore, the author should especially remind the elderly friends to be particularly cautious about blood pressure, lipid-lowering and cardiovascular drugs.Pay attention to the safety of medication.
  Nowadays, the use of drugs by the elderly is relatively blind, and unscientific behaviors such as abuse, miscellaneous and disorder are more common.
The elderly use more drugs, enter the old age, the tolerance to drugs has been weakened, coupled with the elderly liver and kidney dysfunction, excretion slow, more likely to produce drug side effects.
Therefore, the elderly must be careful when using drugs.
For example, autumn dryness, easy to cause oral ulcers, etc., home can be prepared with some mild drugs, effective drugs, such as oral inflammation, Banlangen, etc., to prevent precautions, prevent problems before they occur.
The commonly used drugs should adhere to the “four nos” principle.
  First, do not use drugs.
  When the elderly are unwell, they are often accompanied by a variety of chronic diseases. They seek medical treatment everywhere and take medications for treating various chronic diseases, which aggravates the adverse reactions of the drugs.
Older people should tell the doctor about the disease they are treating and the drugs they are taking when they are seeking medical treatment, reduce the repeated use of drugs, and reduce the side effects of drugs.
  Second, do not use your own medicine.
  Some people think that “long-term illness is a self-medication”, depending on the feeling of increasing or decreasing the dose or type of self-use, headache, fever, self-use headache tablets, antipyretics, etc., so easy to cover up the disease, delay diagnosis, affect treatment.
You should seek medical advice first, and follow the doctor’s advice.
  Third, do not take long-term, high-dose medication.
  The excretion function of the kidneys of the elderly is reduced, and the slowing down of the drug metabolism rate by the liver, long-term, high-dose administration, is likely to cause accumulation of poisoning, and dependence and addiction to drugs.
The time of administration should be short and the dose should be small.
  Fourth, do not use drugs violently.
  Some children use special medicines from various channels and places to help the elderly get rid of the disease as soon as possible.
Everyone should know that the elderly are weak and weak, and for the violent drugs, they often suffer from the danger of collapse, shock, etc.; and the society generally believes that Chinese medicine is less toxic than Western medicine.
Therefore, the elderly medication should be based on moderate medicinal properties, suitable for traditional Chinese medicine nursed back to health, Western medicine first aid.
  In addition, in terms of diet, the elderly in the fall may wish to eat more warm foods, such as fresh beef and mutton, drink more fish soup, bone soup, mutton soup stewed radish, etc., these foods are also more easily absorbed by the body.
In addition, it is also used to eat eggs, vegetables, cereals.