4 tips for moisturizing skin

Here are 4 tips for moisturizing, so that beauty can make good use of moisturizing products to care for the tender skin.

     Tip 1 Apply a lotion and a cotton pad to your face.

If busy women do n’t have time, they can directly use cotton pads with lotion before going to bed, and apply directly on the face where they need to be moisturized, such as the corners of their mouths and feet.

     Tip 2 Use serum.

For people with very dry skin, they can rub a layer of beauty essence after rubbing the lotion, and then rub the lotion. Use the oil in the lotion to wrap the moisture of the beauty essence, which can improve the moisturization and the essence of the essence is small., High moisturizing, and easier to absorb.

     Tip 3 Wet a cotton pad for 15 minutes before applying makeup.

Many people’s face becomes dry and tight as soon as makeup is applied. At this time, you may try to apply a cotton pad and moisturizing lotion before applying makeup for 15 minutes to allow the skin to fully absorb moisture before applying makeup.

     Tip 4 Massage 1-2 times a week.

Massage the skin is the best way to help metabolism, it can increase the skin’s absorption of skin care products and increase skin gloss.

But pay attention when massage, you must gently slide on the bones, and do not rudely draw circles on the shells, not only can not improve the skin, but the result of pulling on the facial muscles will cause wrinkles.