Chinese medicine treats insomnia first to identify the five internal organs

From the point of view of Chinese medicine, stress and depression can affect liver health.

When people are under pressure, the liver is a general on the front line, so they are often overwhelmed by the pressure.

And “qi” becomes “fire”, which keeps the body in a hyperactive state and it is difficult to fall asleep.

  Tips to help you sleep: When you’re under stress, add foods that relax the liver and reduce stress, such as green and sour fruits, such as lemons, kiwis, plums, and green vegetables.

In addition, it is easy to get thirsty when the liver is hot and need to drink excess water.

Traditional Chinese medicine recommends rose tea and lavender tea that can calm the mood. To enhance the effect of promoting sleep, you can add a small amount of sour jujube kernels with a soothing effect to drink together.

  There is a saying in Chinese medicine of “Stagnation of stomach and stomach”, “If the stomach is not in harmony, you will feel restless.”

It is clearly pointed out that the intestines and stomach are not well taken care of, which causes the loss of stomach gas, indigestion, discomfort of abdominal distension, and it is difficult to sleep well all night.

Appropriate meal allocation is like an inverted pyramid, with a rich breakfast, a moderate lunch, and a light dinner.

But modern people often go in the opposite direction, rushing to work on an empty stomach in the morning, busy socializing and socializing at night, or relieve the stress by eating a good meal.

Until you go to bed, your stomach may still be working hard, you ca n’t rest, and of course you do n’t sleep well at night.

  Tips to help sleep: 1. Master the “77” principle for dinner.

Try to eat before 7 pm (or at least 3 hours before bedtime), and eat 7 minutes full. It is better to avoid light meat and cakes and snacks.

  2. People who are often full of bloated gas should eat less bloated food at night, such as beans, onions, green peppers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, corn, bananas, bread, citrus fruits, etc.

  3, spicy peppers, garlic and raw onions will make some people feel “burned” in the stomach, which will affect sleep.

  4. Don’t lie down and sleep immediately after permission, walk a little to help digestion.

  Cardiac palsy often stays up late to work overtime, it will deplete the “yin qi” in the body and become “yin deficiency”. Even if you are exhausted and go to bed, you will not be able to fall asleep.I can’t find a good rest.

As time goes by, you will find that memory is also declining.

If you are this kind of “night owl”, you need to “nourish your heart and raise your mind”.

  Tips to help sleep: Sweet longan is good for nourishing blood, and it is also a good food to nourish the heart and yin. Boil porridge with the right amount of red dates, lotus seeds and glutinous rice, and eat it in the morning;Boil it into tea and drink it warm morning and evening once a day to calm your nerves.

But in colds, or people who have symptoms such as “getting angry” with dry mouth, it is not advisable to eat longan.

  People with a deficiency of heart and spleen are not only confused, forgetful, tired, sleepless and easy to wake up, but also have problems with the spleen and stomach (digestive system), such as diarrhea and indigestion.

  Tips to help sleep: The famous Jianpi food recipe of traditional Chinese medicine is “Four God Decoction (Lianzi, Huaishan, Coix, Poria)”, and like jujube and Coix seed can also benefit the spleen and stomach.