Parents need to learn to do 8 things before their 5th birthday

Before the child is five years old, parents should not worry that the child will not know many things and will not do it. The following things should be taught to do before the child is five years old!

  The first one: when the child wants to eat by himself, parents can let the child try it, just need to put an apron on your baby.

At the beginning, when children learn to eat, there are all kinds of meals and meals. This is a normal phenomenon. Parents cannot blame their children for this, or even deprive them of the opportunity to learn.

  The second thing: choose what kind of clothes to wear. If the weather becomes cold, parents can suggest their children to wear a coat and a hat.Favorite styles and colors.

  The third thing: let the children learn to share When they are still arguing with the small partner because of the toy problem, parents please wait patiently, let your child try to solve the problem by themselves, and learn to share their toys with others. The fourth thing: have your ownPrivate space When the child is unhappy or depressed, the child has the right to be alone. During this time, parents can let the child stay in their own room without disturbing him.

  Fifth: choose what to play. Under the protection of the child’s safety and without obstructing the correction of others, let the child choose what to play and where to play. This period is the child’s play time. Parents prevent them from disturbing the child.

  The sixth thing: venting the child. Like us, there are also frustrations and injuries. At this time, the child needs to vent and cry. At this time, the parent should let the child cry easily. After the child has finished crying, he should care about the child and console the child.

  The seventh thing: the fetish complex should understand that when the child is small, there will always be a certain kind of toy with its own special emotions, no matter where the child goes, the child will want to take it, if your child does not show specialEmotional dependence, then parents can leave their children.

When the child grows up day by day, the fetish complex will gradually disappear.

  Eighth: Siesta parents will choose to let the baby take a nap. If your child wants to get up during the nap, do not force the child to sleep. You can leave the child in their room, as long as it does not interfereAnyone else can.

  Therefore, the omnipotent Superman parents, the “immediate” parents who arrive when the child calls the service, the “perfect” parents who do everything well for the child, did you let your baby do the above things?

  Cultivate your baby’s hands-on ability and refuse to rely on it!