Acupuncture therapy for meningo

Acupoints for Weiqi and the same disease: Quchi LI11, Hegu LI4, large vertebral GV14, lack of LU7, Shaoshang LU11, and ruler LU5.

  Acupoints: Xiangqiang headache with wind pool GB20, Fengfu GV16, Sun EX-HN5; nausea and vomiting with Neiguan PC6.

  Needle acupuncture and use laxative method.

  The acupuncture points of Qiying (blood) are: GV14 of large vertebra, LI11 of Quchi, PC3 of Quze, BL40 of Zhongzhong, and Twelve Wells.

  Matching points: GV26, Yongquan KI1, Baihui GV20 in the faint slang slang mate; smoking on the extremities with Yintang EX-HN3, Fengfu GV16, Taichong LR3; corner bow anti-tensioning body post GV12, Tao Tao GV13; restlessLaogong PC8, Shaofu HT8; phlegm between throat and Fenglong ST40.

  Needle acupuncture and use laxative method.
  Acupuncture points removal: Baihui GV20, Qihai CV6, Guanwu CV4, Neiguan PC6, Zusanli ST36.

  Acupoints: Weak breath with 髎 GV25, perineum CV1; sweating, cold limbs with cold 脘 CV12, and GV8.

  Acupuncture with acupuncture.

  Acupuncture point selection: Shenmen, subcortex, heart, brain, ear tip.

  Acupoints: High fever with screen tip; limb twitching, angled bow with pillow; nausea and vomiting with cardia, weak breath with lower screen tip.

  The tip of the ear is punctured and bleeding, and the remaining points are stimulated with a strong needle. Leave the needle for 15-20 minutes, 1-2 times a day.

  Acupoints for moxibustion therapy: Shenhua CV8, perineum CV1, Yongquan KI1, Baihui GV20, Guanyuan CV4.

  Moxibustion is mostly off-card.

Use moxa suspension moxibustion.

20-30 minutes each time, the degree of local skin redness and burning.

2 times a day.

  Skin acupuncture takes anesthesia, chest veins and bladder meridians, severe pricks, and mild bleeding.

After piercing, pull out the flash can.

1-2 times a day.