Note that psychological factors affect the freckle effect

According to a laser expert from the Air Force General Hospital, pigmented spots are a skin phenomenon commonly found on human faces.

The cause of pigmentation is the uneven distribution of melanin particles in the skin, which causes localized spots and patches to appear deeper than normal skin.

With the continuous development of medical technology, laser treatment of pigmented spots has achieved good results, which is the gospel of many beauty lovers.

  In addition, laser experts at the Air Force General Hospital also predict that before treating pigmented spots, it is necessary to understand the age and marital status of beauty lovers, because those who treat pigmented spots will have higher expectations to a certain extent, but often psychologicallyEmotionally, there are some flaws in personality.

These phenomena or conditions must be analyzed and improved through communication.

Only through two-way cooperation can the perfect effect of treating pigmented spots be achieved.

Age, marital status will appropriately reflect the physical condition of the beauty-loving person.

  Women enter menopause around the age of 50.

At this stage, women feel that they are aging. Therefore, they are irritable, weird, easy to be nervous, anxious, and prone to a series of changes in the body.

Such as dysfunction and metabolic disorders, thereby forming senile plaques.

  Women around the age of 40, because of their long-term commitment to their families, children, and careers, cause themselves to be indifferent to themselves, their sensations gradually wither, and they tend to become “yellow-faced women.”

In addition, sometimes insomnia, dreams, depression, worry, and depression are caused because of family disagreement and unsatisfactory career. Endocrine dysfunction is caused, and excessive melanin synthesized by epithelial cells accumulates on skin cells, making the skin dull and dull;Bad moods often induce body diseases, debilitating people, poor skin nutrition supply and metabolic imbalances, which can easily cause melasma.

  Women around the age of 30 are often just born. Imbalance of progesterone, progesterone, and estrogen can easily cause butterfly spots and pregnancy spots after pregnancy. Or when they have just started their careers, they often experience excessive fatigue, tension, trouble, and insomnia, which can lead to complexion.Faint, dull and dull face, it gives people the impression that they will fade before they grow old.

These problems are not handled well, and it feels like a flower is slowly dying.

  Most girls around the age of 20 have hereditary freckles, and chloasma is usually caused by using inferior cosmetics or sun exposure.

  In short, the aging of a person’s face, psychological factors play a great role. Psychological treatment first, the medical method can be more effective.

Helps women overcome the limitations of objective conditions such as age, appearance, shape, etc., making people young and attractive.