Ten magic weapons to stop your man

★ Method 1: If he is a fancy man, he must not be willing to take you to his house. Even if you ask him to do so, he will only try to refuse.

  Crack: I went downstairs to his house, called him, said that he happened to pass by shopping, and then asked to visit his parents.

If he refuses to speak in panic, it must be a ghost in his heart.

  ★ Method 2: Huaxin man will only be affectionate when you are alone, and even ask for an offside. In public, he will pretend to be a modest gentleman and keep a distance from you, let alone treat you as a girlfriend.Introduce it to his friends.

  Crack: If you happen to meet his friend when you are together, ask him to introduce you, pay attention to the title and expression that he used when introducing you.

Or find an opportunity to make some intimate moves with him in front of his friends. If his friends know that he has an affair with other women, then he will be very embarrassed.

  ★ Method 3: In order to have time to date with other women, carefree men often lie and say that they are busy with work, need to work overtime, or have other entertainment in the business.

  Crack: Call his unit and see if he is really busy at work.

This matter can also let your good friends do it, which is more secure.

If you think he lied, then you need to know this man again.

  ★ Method 4: The man with the heart often fights multilaterally, so he will try to fix the date with you, so that no conflict will occur, and errors and misunderstandings can be avoided.

  Crack: Choose a time you don’t date often, and suddenly appear in front of him.

If he is surprised, he loves you deeply.

Once he appears embarrassed or panicked, you must know what is going on.

  ★ Method 5: When you have just finished fooling around with another woman, when you come to your side, the flowery man will also feel guilty. Therefore, he will show great diligence for no other reason, help you do laundry, or give you small gifts.

  Crack: Spend some time with him. When he was excited, he claimed lightly in his ears: “Yesterday, a friend of mine saw you .” If he has a ghost in his heart, he will be excited and ask:”What happened to me?

“Method 6: It’s not easy to spend money on a man. This is a very expensive thing, so even if his income is not a small amount, he will still be shy from time to time, and sometimes occasionally shows that it is inconsistent with his income.Matching puppet.

  Crack: If there is no recent large-scale shopping consumption, and his wallet is empty quickly.

Maybe he has a receipt in his pocket, and the truth will be self-evident if it is a place that is especially suitable for dating between men and women.

  ★ Method 7: Men are easily affected by the women around them, so they can choose clothes of different tastes and interests, different brands of cigarettes, alcohol, etc.

Once he suddenly changes his habits, it is likely that there are other women around him.

  Crack: Buy him a string of necklaces and subscribe to order every minute and every second.

If he is dating another woman, he will definitely take off this necklace, which is called a jewelry sent by a woman to be affectionate with another woman.

  ★ Method Eight: When dating a woman, if another woman calls, it is very easy to have a headache. Therefore, the veteran of the fancy men will turn off the sound of the mobile phone and change the vibration.

  Crack: When dating you, if his cell phone doesn’t ring, but he slips on the balcony to answer the phone alone, there is probably nothing to tell.

Find an opportunity to pay attention to the messages and calls on his mobile phone, and you may find something.

  ★ Method 9: Women generally have their favorite perfume brands, so if one day you think of strange fragrances remaining on his body, then he is likely to be infected with other women.

  Crack: Huaxin man pays great attention to hiding the fragrance of other women left on his body. If you find that he replaced the clean clothes that he just wore, it must be a problem.

You can call him while he is drunk or sleeping, and let him guess who you are.

  ★ Method 10: Huaxin men are very cunning, sometimes disguised as hidden, so you can’t find them.

But if another woman who meets him is familiar with you, then a flaw appears.

  Crack: The attack appears on the woman you know.

Women have a kind of exclusivity, so you will find that she is careful and gentle to Huaxin men, but dodges and even resists you, then there is nothing more to explain.