[How to make almond chocolate flakes]_Homemade methods of almond chocolate flakes_How to make almond chocolate flakes_How to make almond chocolate flakes

We have a lot of food friends in our lives, if we have a good cooking, during leisure time.

I can ask a good friend to make almond chocolate flakes together, and I really enjoy it.


Ready for use 2.

Use plastic wrap to wrap up one of the preliminary molds 3.

Turn over and keep the plastic wrap underneath 4.

Almond chopped for spare 5.

Chocolate crumbs and put in bowl 6.

Water-resistant melting 7.

Use a spoon to dig an appropriate amount of chocolate and pour it into the space of the mold 8.

Scrape the surface so that the chocolate fills the gap 9.

Sprinkle with crushed almonds 10.

All are done and set to solidification 11.

Gently lift your finger on the bottom and remove the finished sheet 12.

Wrapped in tin foil to go home from work and squeezed in the kitchen with her husband, to make a delicious almond chocolate flakes, you can not only eat nutritious food, but also enhance the relationship between husband and wife.