Friendship between women is good for health

The most relaxing and comfortable way to reduce stress for women is neither aerobics nor long-distance travel, but to talk to close friends of the same sex.

  American psychologist Carrie?

Dr. Miller announced in a survey report that 87% of married women and 95% of single women said that they believe that friendship between same-sex friends is the happiest and most satisfying part of life, and that this emotional relationship is also the most profoundYes, it brings them an invisible support, just as reliable as the air.

Western psychologists also point out that having strong same-sex friends is one of the most important ways for modern women to lead healthy lives.

  Women’s friendship is more shared than shared. Women in their 30s will enter the life-long event. Marriage and accumulation of these new experiences will bring them many experiences that they have never experienced before. Of course, troubles and may also follow.Feelings about same-sex also change.

It is this woman who is exactly the same as herself. They can understand and appreciate all your sadness and joy, and give you the closest care and help.

The most common way to troubleshoot and relieve stress is to talk to friends of the same sex.

Sharing is greater than sharing, which can be said to be the biggest feature of female friendship.

  Women’s friendships sound healthy American psychologist Dr. Miller encourages women to put same-sex friendships first in your priorities in a survey report.

He said: Intimate relationships, as a preventive measure, a support for the immune system, can reduce the threat to you, whether it is headaches, brain heat or heart disease, and various serious physical disorders. Therefore, a person mustMaintaining good health requires both physical exercise and proper diet, as well as the need to strengthen the maintenance of friendship. Since the communication between women and their peers is more open, natural, and able to give each other the same feedback, this intimate relationship is even moreEasily produced between women.

  Interview with expert Tian Wendi-Women’s dependence on same-sex friends is related to psychological characteristicsQ: Why do women consider same-sex friendship to be the most important part of life?

  A: From the history of women’s development, humans have come from matriarchal society. Women not only shoulder the responsibilities of breeding and rearing offspring, but also bear the responsibility of social management. Double pressure makes women more endurable and generous.Traits determine the highest self-strengthening of women, and the contradiction of reorganization and easy self-blame.

This conflict makes women more vulnerable and requires more support and understanding.

Because of the gender characteristics of men, his understanding is far from being able to meet the needs of women, and women can only resonate in their own similar places, so there is more talk among women.

In addition, women in the genetic gene are more social and have a greater desire for friendship.

  Q: What psychological differences do women have when dealing with same-sex and heterosexual relationships?

  A: Women have learnt a double-cultural life very early. They used to have double personalities: when they stayed with men, their behaviors must be changed. They must not make their own claims, talk less, listen to men, and give men time to express themselves.They don’t have this feeling when they get along with the same sex. They can naturally exchange opinions and understand each other’s thoughts without having to be jealous or worrying about the other party misinterpreting their meaning.

This allows them to trust each other, to enjoy the emotional nourishment and fun, and to open their hearts deeper.

  Q: What are the important functions of personality among women?

  Answer: It is a chance for women to discuss their own value and reaffirm their ideas.

Because of their value, they are often challenged by the men in society, especially the men who build love relationships with them.

In fact, through this personality, women can compare the distribution of their own value system and the society-defined system, and understand how the two systems work together, and understand the meaning of men ‘s behavior, because men ‘s behavior is “another”Culture, and often aggressive, difficult to explain.

Through this communication, women can establish their own analytical methods.