Help children out of the difficulties of getting along with teachers and students

Everyone is unavoidable to deal with teachers in the process of receiving education.

Han Yu said: “Teachers, so preach, teach, and dispel doubts.” For many people, the preaching and teaching of the teacher dominates academic progress and the formation of a worldview.

However, friction is also difficult to avoid during human-to-human contact.

In an interview with reporters, many students expressed gratitude to the teachers who accompanied them to grow up.

At the same time, some troubles between teachers and students were also revealed.

Experts believe that it is necessary for students and teachers to understand each other, care for each other, and eliminate the discordant factors together.

  The student ‘s poor grades are not good enough. Huanhuan is 9 years old this year because the education atmosphere at home is relatively relaxed. Huanhuan has been very active since he was a child and caused some concentration. However, due to his lively health, parents never regarded Huanhuan as “Question “child”.

  But since entering primary school, Huanhuan and his parents have encountered a big problem: because Huanhuan has difficulty focusing on learning, his grades are always ranked last in the class. Teacher Zhang, the class teacher, has also tried his best to help.Later, he simply applied to the school for intellectual disqualification to exclude Huanhuan’s grades from the class’s total grades.

Huanhuan became an “alternative” student in this way. Mom and Dad were furious, and went to the hospital to test Huanhuan’s intelligence. As a result, Huanhuan’s intelligence was normal.

But in order not to embarrass the teacher, he did not complain to the school.

  Severe reprimand is difficult to resist Xiao An, who was just a elementary school student last year, is a weak girl.

Xiao’an was a little bit concerned about the “going to school” event. After meeting a primary school teacher, Xiao’an was even more reluctant to go to school.

It turned out that although the teacher’s “teaching achievement” was good, he was too strict with students, especially for children who just entered elementary school.

  ”Students who make a little mistake, the teacher will reprimand loudly. Once I just said a few words to the same table during class, I was hit hard by the teacher.

Xiao’an told reporters, “In the past, kindergarten teachers encouraged us to rank more in the classroom and communicate with classmates.

Elementary school teachers are so different from kindergarten teachers.

The student privately disclosed that Chen Chen was in the third day of this year. She had a good impression on a girl in the class, so she took the courage to write a note to her, hoping to maintain proper communication.

I did not expect the note to be seen by the teacher, who “praised” him for “young age and complicated thinking”.

He was even criticized in public.

Now, anyone who sees him laughs at him, making him afraid to raise his hand to insert in class, for fear of ridicule of classmates.

Chen Chen was originally a sensitive child. In this way, she felt more unable to stay in the class and wanted to drop out of school.

  It is understood that the pressure on teachers is difficult. In schools, it is not uncommon to list certain “poor students” transcripts because of the need to improve the overall grade. Some schools even organize students to do “intelligence tests” andPoor academic performance is attributed to the “mentally handicapped” family, thereby preventing them from pulling down the overall grades of the class.

Regarding the issue of “the poor student’s performance is not included in the total score”, a primary school teacher expressed his distress to reporters: “Our assessment is very strict. If the total grade of the class is pulled down, not only will we not receive bonuses, we will also receive less wagesa lot of.

If we do n’t do this, we will be really bitter!

“Students are too substitutes for” arrogant “and” jiao “, and some teachers also feel that some children are now too coquettish, and they cannot bear any problems in school.

And the “arrogant” students chilled the teacher even more.

The head of a junior high school class in Guangzhou told reporters: “Now all the children are very expensive, it is really difficult to teach.

我们班上就有孩子总在老师面前说起‘我爸爸是那里那里的领导,妈妈又如何如何’;有的学生被老师稍微批评几句就赶紧警告说,‘老师你不能伤害我的自尊心哦’等等……唉,现在的老师真是不好当啊!”A lot of students are grateful for the teachers who help them grow up.

The picture shows CCTV host Jing Wei playing a primary school teacher in the movie.

  Expert advice: Mutual understanding is conducive to a harmonious teacher-student relationship. Teachers should improve their self-quality and ability to transform mentally. Although teachers and students have difficulties in the teacher-student relationship, education experts believe that in the teacher-student relationship, students are always more in need.Caring for “disadvantaged groups”, especially for children in kindergartens and elementary schools, the teacher plays a very important role in their growth process. The teacher’s words and deeds may affect the child’s life, sometimes even seemingly unconsciousWords can also hurt young, sensitive minds of students.

Therefore, in the process of education, teachers should encourage students and punish less.

  Liu Zhigang, a children’s education consultant at Tianying Parent-Child Education Center, said: “This highly competitive era does place higher demands on teachers. Yes, they must be proficient in teaching and improve student performance; therefore, they are also facing their own mental health.problem.

“” The teacher is also a member of society. The teacher’s life and work experience in the society, especially the attitude of some students to themselves, may cause the teacher to have a psychological imbalance for a while. This imbalance will give the teacher a lot of soul.Shocking, even harmful, so some teachers accidentally balance the psychological imbalance with an invasive vent.

Liu Zhigang believes that under such circumstances, the teacher’s own quality and ability to transform psychologically should be enhanced.

Schools and teachers must also correctly grasp the development goals of education, and do not simply use academic performance as the sole criterion for evaluating students.

  Students: To improve psychological endurance Experts believe that enhancing children’s mental health can not be completely dependent on the teacher, students also need to improve their psychological endurance, do not feel “very injured”, only to recognize the reality and face it bravelyTowards maturity.

  In addition, experts also reminded some “old children” who entered junior high school to respect and understand the teacher’s work and not to be self-centered or to “face” the teacher everywhere. This rebellious mentality is not good for everyone.Only when there is mutual respect between teachers and students can the relationship between the two sides truly become more harmonious.

  Parents: Should pay more attention to the child’s psychological discomfort. Hu Shenzhi, an expert at the Sunflower Psychological Counseling Center in Guangzhou, believes that students who are psychologically injured by teachers usually show two extremes: “inferiority” and “resistance”.It is very easy for a teacher to deny in front of everyone, and children who are already stubborn can easily have resistance to this subject because the teachers of some disciplines hurt themselves, and then to most of the disciplines.Conflicts, and later, conflicts with schools, teachers, and peers.

“At that time, it would be difficult for such a child to have love and friendliness in his heart, and he would eventually be afraid of school and escape from school.

Often, these people will live with the psychological barriers formed during childhood.

“As a result, experts remind parents to be concerned about their children’s psychological distress and communicate with their teachers in a timely manner. Don’t let your child feel sad because it will cause more serious psychological disorders.


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