Water can test the quality of skin care products?

On the Internet, there is a saying that a glass of water can be used to identify the quality of skin care products. Is this true or false?

Let Xiaobian reveal it for everyone!

  Why use water?

Because we wash our face with water every day, the molecules of water are close to the molecules of the skin, so everything that can be dissolved by water can be absorbed by the skin.

Add an appropriate amount of foundation or lotion you usually use to the water, and then observe the reaction.

  It usually happens: it sticks to the side of the cup, floats on the water, and sinks to the bottom of the cup.

These three cases illustrate the ingredients it contains.

  1. What sticks to the cup is animal oil.

It is extracted from animals.

Can we think of an animal slaughterhouse next to that cosmetics factory?

No, the slaughterhouse killed the animals and then piled the bones and fur on one side, waited for a large amount, and then pulled it to the cosmetics factory. Who knows how long it has been piled up. If it is summer, will those things deteriorate and rot?

We eat spoiled things and vomit and diarrhea. The same is true of the skin. Cosmetics treated with spoiled things can cause allergies. Manufacturers know that they will be allergic, so we will add soothing agents and desensitizers during the manufacturing process.
The soothing agent is an immune nerve anesthetic. It will feel good at first, but it will not work for a long time. The beautician knows that the brand of cosmetics of the same brand will be changed for 2-3 years. What is the change?

The soothing agent was changed.

  2, floating on the water is mineral oil.

Mineral oil is extracted from petroleum that is mined underground.

The first layer uses gasoline; the second layer is lepton oil; the third layer is asphalt, which is used to pave the road.

And this kind of cosmetics is made with the second layer of lepton oil. The leptin oil has a good moisturizing effect, but it is not breathable. This is like the wet airtightness in our winter clothes, which will affect the permeability of the skin and even accelerate it.The aging of the skin.

  3, sinking in the bottom of the cup are heavy metals, lead, mercury and so on.

Newspapers have reported that children born to pregnant women often give birth to cerebral palsy.

  If the products you use are not sticky to the cup edge, do not float, or sink to the bottom of the cup, then you can congratulate you, because you have chosen the right things and can use them with peace of mind.

Everyone can try it home!

  The comments and descriptions of such methods and judgments on the Internet are as follows, please refer to them: First, for skin absorption through the skin, you must first understand the structure of the skin. The skin contains the epidermis and the dermis: the epidermis is on the upper layer and the thickness is about the eyelid.0.

04 mm to 1.

It varies from 4 mm and can be divided into five layers from bottom to top: basal layer, spinous cell layer, granular layer, transparent layer and cuticle.

The cells in the basal layer stop dividing, and the growing keratinocytes move to the surface layer, forming different epidermal cells due to different morphology and contents.

The thickness of the dermis is about 15?
40 times, generally accounting for 95% of the thickness of the skin. The extracellular matrix of the dermal layer is mainly composed of glucosamine antagonists and collagen. These are in the form of protein micrometers and can store a lot of water.

These fibrin are related to the shape and function of the skin. Among them, collagen is the main protein that constitutes the extracellular matrix and is responsible for the skin’s tolerance (tension); and the elastic fibers are intertwined and responsible for the elasticity of the skin.

  There are three main pathways for transdermal absorption: 1.

Paths through the skin’s accessory organs, such as sweat glands, trichomes, etc., can only be entered by polar molecules that are ionic or pointed, but can be diffused through a series of areas such as skin accessory organs, which only account for the total area of the skin (1.

6 m2).


The path through the epidermis is through the stratum corneum, epidermis and dermis through distribution and diffusion.

The stratum corneum is structurally cracked, and the cells of the stratum corneum are mixed with keratin, called bricks (bricks) buried in the interstitial cells (such as stucco, mortar) of the replacement, forming a good barrier, which is responsible for the skin’s shielding function.

The structure of the stratum corneum is a phospholipid bilayer membrane, which must be easily soluble if it is oil-soluble.


Through the intercellular pathway, if the cells that penetrate the stratum corneum are filled with intercellular lipids, the transforming substance diffuses through the water layer region of the intercellular keratin filaments located in the outer layer and penetrates the stratum corneum, and the oil-soluble substances pass throughDiffusion penetrates the stratum corneum in the crystalline area of oil located between the keratin filaments, and this path also has better penetrability by oil-soluble substances.
  It can be understood from the above-mentioned skin structure that the report states that “the molecules of water are close to the molecules of skin, so anything that can be dissolved by water can be absorbed by the skin.
“Different from the theory.

  Second, the so-called “pacifying agent is an anesthetic for the immune nerve” was re-designated as a certain impurity or substance, which is unknown.

According to the so-called animal oil added soothing agents, desensitizers, check the specifications and quality of the raw materials used in cosmetics, which are regulated by the Standards for Cosmetic Raw Materials. The raw materials that can be used instead of the standards for cosmetics raw materials are evaluated by the Technical Committee of the Association and government agenciesIncluded after safety, quality or effectiveness.

  Third, the “lepton oil” in the report may refer to light oil.

  Cosmetics obtained from the distillation of petroleum crude oil, such as liquid paraffin are often used in creams, lotions and other basic cosmetics, and paraffin and petroleum jelly are used in creams, lipsticks, etc.

Cosmetic raw materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. As reported in the report, “the leptin oil has a good moisturizing effect, but it is not breathable.” The cosmetics industry will choose its applicability to design its formula.

In addition, through the consultation of a beautician or other medical experts when purchasing, there is no problem in purchasing those who are suitable for their skin type.

According to the cosmetic formula, vegetable oiliness may also be contained. For example, according to the report, vegetable oiliness will also float on the water surface. It is hard to say that mineral oil is floating on the water surface.

  Fourth, the so-called “sinking at the bottom of the cup is heavy metals, lead, mercury, etc.”

  This method simply uses solubility and specific gravity. If the solubility is low, those with large specific gravity will sink to the bottom, and it is difficult to directly judge that it is a heavy metal.

The limits of heavy metals for raw materials are also regulated in the benchmark for cosmetic raw materials. The limits for heavy metals in finished cosmetics are also set by the Health Department of the Executive Yuan for benchmarks for suppliers to follow.

The determination of heavy metals must be processed by high temperature combustion and instrumental analysis before accurate quantification. It can be judged by simply using solubility and specific gravity, as previously reported.

  Fifth, the report reported that “children born to whitening products commonly used by pregnant women are susceptible to cerebral palsy.”

  The approval of whitening ingredients must provide complete in vitro, animal and human test effectiveness and safety information, and can only be used with the approval of the Health Department of the Executive Yuan.

Cosmetics are limited to use on the outside of the human body, and their ingredients are based on the action of the skin and should not produce systemic effects.

The so-called “children who are often given whitening products by pregnant women are susceptible to cerebral palsy”, the Department of Health of the Executive Yuan has not reported such cases.

  Based on the above, it is not difficult to understand the method of the report. “Dip to the side of the cup, float on the water surface, sink to the bottom of the cup”, it only shows the solubility and specific gravity of the substance, but not good or bad.

Wrong must not be reflected correctly.