[First Sexual Age]_Sexual_First Time_Age

In fact, many people will doubt, at what age should the first sexual behavior be the most suitable, in fact, the time of sexual behavior is not to say the earlier the better, or the later the better, usually the earliest time should beAt the age of 20 to 22.

Chinese medicine believes that if men break the yang earlier, they will easily hurt the essence; while if women break the yin too early, they will easily hurt the yin, which may lead to premature aging.

So, at what age did men and women begin their first intercourse?

Yes, TCM experts believe that the initial age of sexual intercourse should be 22 years for men and 20 years for women.

It is necessary to temper everything that is too late, and so is the intercourse.

Sexual love as a person’s physiological needs, if moderate, is conducive to the consolidation and sublimation of men and women’s emotions, but if it is excessive, consumes energy, excessive physical strength, and causes fatigue, it will lead to men’s nocturnal emission and women’s irregular menstruation and other diseases.

It should not be too early. As mentioned above, if sex is carried out too early, it will easily hurt the essence, damage the yin, and cause premature aging.

Therefore, sexual behavior should not be premature.

To grasp the good timing of pregnancy, Chinese medicine not only promotes late marriage, but also promotes late birth. It is believed that premature birth, women’s essence and blood will be greatly damaged, which will lead to the decline of righteousness in the body.

Late fertility can also be detrimental to fetal health and development.

The age of marriage and childbearing for men is 24-28 years, the age of female adults is 21-28 years, and the best adult age for men and women is 28-30 for women and 28-32 for men.


Pay attention to hygiene and unclean sex, which is easy to cause damage to the body.

Moreover, intercourse is one of the ways in which certain diseases are transmitted.

Therefore, people should pay attention to intercourse hygiene during intercourse, it is best to wash the vulva before going to bed every night, and once after intercourse.